Interview with Cryptocades.com CEO Chad Barraford


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Episode #26

Chad Barraford, CEO of Cryptocades.com, gave us the pleasure of stopping by the Coin.FM Podcast to discuss his latest project — a free-to-play blockchain gaming platform, where players use their skills and computer power to win Bitcoin.

This hands-on founder leads a team of diverse globetrotting digital nomads and he’s best known for creating Project Jarvis, where he preceded today’s products like Siri or Google Home, and which is similar to Mark Zuckerberg’s more recent Project Jarvis clone.

In this episode, Chad shares his technical expertise with insightful tidbits on wallets & browser mining. He also gives us the scoop on his upcoming game release, Asteroid Tycoon.

For the first time in mining history, the money you earn from mining isn’t based solely on how powerful your CPU is, but is also based on how well you can strategize and play online games.

Visit Cryptocades.com to join the fun!