Bitcoin Cash Skyrockets Ahead of May Fork


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Episode #25

According to data.coin.fm, Bitcoin Cash – which trades as BCH on many exchanges – has experienced an extraordinary 83% rise just in the past week.

Since hitting a low this year of $610 USD on April 6th, the value of Bitcoin Cash has more than doubled to trade at $1440 USD, at current press time on April 23rd.

The vertical breakout started at $759 price level on April 17th and has continued with steady double digit percentage point gains day on day.

So what’s behind the bullish rise of Bitcoin Cash?

Listen in to find out!


Another scheduled Bitcoin Cash fork is planned for November 2018 and unless there is major shift in people’s mindsets, we’ll likely see similar snowball of momentum then. If you’re planning a long-term strategy, definitely keep that in mind.

How high do you think Bitcoin Cash will go by the May 18th fork?